Based in Thessaloniki, Greece

Kirki was born out of our need to create and escape into a fairytale and magical world, where anything can happen. In this world pigs are not slaves but have wings and fly, flowers never wither and people can travel wherever they dream just by closing their eyes.

Kirki is a witch. She is not good or bad, she is free. And free are the thoughts that he transforms into the jewelry you will find here.

In our workshop, each piece of jewelry is unique. It is made with care and love from sterling silver and semi-precious stones. The process is often time-consuming and one piece is never exactly the same as another, but that is part of the beauty and value of handmade. Remember that everything you get from this small workshop was made especially for you and that makes your choice even more special.

We hope you love wandering around our world!


Stavroula Oikonomou – designer and creator of Kirki jewelry