March 28, 2019


Nature has been a sacred symbol for many peoples since ancient times. In Greece, Gaia was the mother of the first creatures, a powerful divinity and the most important source of power, food and energy for man. Ancient Greeks respected and honored nature, which is also apparent from the fact that their gods were interwoven with it.

Their life was part of a secular circle, inextricably linked to physical symmetry, the disturbance of which caused consequences (hubris-nemesis-vengeance). The wild side of humanity found a way to coexist harmoniously within this circle with the calm one, and their blending was part of the earthly order. Respect for animals and the environment was an inviolable law.

Gradually, however, man began to evolve and move away from nature. The city was now the center of culture, the attraction of those who loved cultural events and social life. Inevitably, urbanization has resulted in the alienation of man from a great part of his own existence.

Nevertheless, he never ceased to look for this part and, historically, to return to it, with the urge to move away from the city being a means of purification.

Take yourself for example; if you bring to mind all those moments when you feel suffocating in your everyday life and you are overwhelmed by the need for relaxation, your thoughts wander effortlessly around the trees, the mountain, the sun and the sea.

Don’t you feel a liberating sense of freedom, when you step your bare feet on the sandy beach and let the sun caress you? When you dip your tired body into the cold and redeeming sea water, letting its saltiness drift you?

Isolation and contact with the earth and what it has to offer, is the best way to find the inspiration you craved for so deeply.

It is the means to re-discover yourself and recover your missing energy…

Here, you will discover twigs, fruits, leaves and flowers that turn into silver jewelry, into small precious pieces that will gift those who wear them with some of the power of nature.